The LYRA experience begins long before you lay your hands on your beloved swimsuit. This is the journey of a LYRA swimsuit. 

We at LYRA began with the ambition to make ‘the most beautiful swimsuit fabrics in the world’. The vision endures. Unlike any other swimwear brands, we oversee each stage of preparing the fabric: Knitting, greige preparation, dyeing and finishing, quality control and delivery of finished products: these are the production stages whose pace is determined by an efficient and precise production planning, the heart and soul of LYRA. 

The final consideration is how the fabric is finished. A century of producing some of the world’s most sought-after fabric has helped LYRA hone its expertise in material science. We know how best to choose the fabric perfect for different situations, whether for water sports or being a effective sun screen, At LYRA we invest our time and resources in ensures you benefit from the right material for a swimsuit truly built around you.