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    We at LYRA began with the ambition to use only the finest Italian swimwear fabrics in the world. Unlike any other swimwear brands, we oversee each stage of preparing the fabric.

    The final consideration is how the fabric is finished. We pride ourselves in producing some of the world’s most sought-after swimwear fabric. We know how best to choose the fabric perfect for different situations, whether for water sports or being an effective sun screen, At LYRA we invest our time and resources which ensures you benefit from the right material for your swimsuit. 


    Once our fabric has passed the rigorous quality and suitability tests in our Italian test centre, it is delivered to our LYRA pattern cutters in our London design studio. After the cutting, the many pieces of fabric, it is tagged with the specific office details of the new design, then passed on to the next expert, the sampler. The journey has begun.


    We believe the outward and inward are always connected. That's why we make sure the quality of our swimwear is matched by the integrity of the people that created them.

    Finding the right factory to produce our swimwear took more than 2 years of hard work,  driven by a relentless and uncompromising determination. In the middle of Istanbul, our family run factory occupies 800 SQM2 of space. Spanning over 5 floors, employing 250 people, 70% of which are women. All of which are paid fairly, and treated with respect. We didn’t just ask for the highest ethical standards when looking for a factory, we also wanted to give back and support the local community.

    Our factory is audited at least once a year and part of the Fair Wear Foundation ('FWF') to ensure the highest workplace standards. FWF is a non- profit organisation that works with brands, factories, trade unions, NGOs and sometimes governments to verify and improve workplace conditions.


    Every LYRA swimsuit passes through 11 production stages and just as many hands, all guided by our commitment to uncompromising craftsmanship. From zipper to button and stitch to stitch, every element is carefully chosen and meticulously put into place. And before it leaves the nest, our quality assurance team inspects every swimsuit by hand, ensuring no detail is overlooked.

    We hand stitch many parts of our swimsuits. For example, in all our SOFIA swimsuits, the seam between zip and body is done by hand. Hand stitching is the only way of ensuring the correct tension in the stitches is achieved.


    Every swimsuit produced in our factory is inspected for the smallest of faults. Loose threads are cut, stains removed, fabric faults repaired. There are many, many tests we apply to the swimsuit before we allow them to be finished but no check is more rigorous than the final inspection which happens prior to the LYRA label being sewn in. Each swimsuit is then hand-pressed, ironed and individually special wrapped before being sent to our warehouse in London.